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Surely, we experience and enjoy the different seasons of the year.

Winter is the most chilly and coldest season of the year. It starts in October and ends in March.

To me, winter is the most mesmerizing, beautiful, and calmest season. I think everyone has different and mixed feelings about this season because we all live in different parts of the world and experience the temperature difference.

Some countries face the extreme cold with snow all around while others only experience cold breezes and chilly days with no snow.

But wherever you live, you certainly enjoy the warmth and happy feeling associated with the weather.

Thoughts that winter brings to mind:

  • Lovely weather:

We have entered the winter season.

Leaves change color and start to fall. This reminds us to take pictures of the beautiful scenery with trees and mountains covered with snow and all around.

We also get to see and enjoy the lovely colors of the sky.

All this brings a feeling of joy and fulfillment.

  • Holidays:

Kids get a winter break. So, they get to think about and plan how to spend their vacations in the most fun, best and relaxing way.

Getting cozy in their blankets, watching movies and cartoons, enjoying hot food and drinks, wearing comfortable and furry clothes, enjoying the company of friends and family, or simply going on a trip to enjoy the snow and weather are some of the options they think of.

  • Traveling:

Many people wish to travel and go on vacations to enjoy the lovely scenes and weather in different parts of the world. They get to enjoy the cold breezes which warm their hearts and fill them with joy.

Silent mornings, cold winds, snow falling, and empty streets at night, one can think of in winter.

  • Warm Clothes:

When winter arrives, we think of wearing comfortable clothes which will keep us warm. There is so much to wear and add to our outfits.

As it gets colder, we think of wearing our mittens, socks, and hat, boots to walk in snow, sweaters, jackets, scarves, and sweat pants.

  • Drive:

When it’s too cold, snow falling, and all around, car drivers have to get outside earlier to warm up their car and drive carefully.

This needs extra time, which makes them late for work or class. The feeling and thought of getting late for class or work and rushing and preparing for it a bit earlier bring the fun and sense of alertness.

  • Food:

The next best thing that comes with winter is food. Winter food is full of varieties. We get to eat and enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables, soups, seafood, and hot drinks. Winter makes us enjoy all these food items.

Couldn’t be better than sitting on a sofa or bed with a blanket or shawl all around and enjoying every sip of our drink.

  • Reading books:

To read good books in the cozy home, sitting by the fireplace or heater with a little light is also fascinating.

  • Hot shower:

Taking a hot shower or bath in winter also gives a soothing effect to the mind and body.

  • Friends:

Enjoying the company of friends, be it in a cinema or a shopping mall or simply at home, watching a movie or playing an indoor game with snacks, one thinks of doing in winters.

  • Festivals:

There are many beautiful festivals and occasions celebrated in winter. Many couples and families think and decide to arrange their wedding in this season.

Diwali (Indian festival), Christmas, and New Year, all come in the winter season.

Many families think of arranging small family get together, barbeques, or birthday parties to enjoy and have fun in the season.

This is surely the time to rejoice and celebrate.

  • Movies:

Watching movies is one of the best ways to spend time with your loved ones, have fun, relax, and get entertained.

Many people think of, wait, and watch this season’s new releases. Light romantic comedies, Christmas, or horror stories, one can think of enjoying in our warm and cozy homes.

  • A good night sleep:

In the long winter night, a good sound sleep under a heavy quilt is very enjoyable.

  • Playing time:

Where there is snow all around, people and kids think of and enjoy playing and throwing snow over each other, build a snowman or simply run over the snow.

  • Under the sun:

During winters, the chilly mornings give a different sense altogether. The sun sometimes either does not rise or rise quite late or when it rises, it doesn’t get hot.

Sitting under the sun to get some warmth and heat with cold winds is what most people think of to indulge themselves in to enjoy the season.

Some people even burn wood along the roadside to get the warmth.

There are also some negative effects of the season, which comes to our mind when winter is approaching.

  • The unhealthy situation for farmers, the homeless, and animals:

There is hardly any business for the farmers so they need to keep themselves prepared for the harsh days. They need to take extra care of their animals in case they may not die.

Homeless people need to look and worry about the place for shelter.

  • Covid-19.

This winter, we are facing and dealing with coronavirus along with normal fever and flu, which has proven to be an all-season virus.

There are chances that the virus may spread faster during colder months, so we need to keep in mind and take extra precautionary measures like social distancing, following hand hygiene, wearing masks when going out and not leaving the house unless and otherwise necessary.

Certainly, winter is the time to enjoy- to enjoy the weather, cold and chilly winds, little heat, and snowy days.

It is time to wear comfortable, yet stylish thick clothes to keep us warm and cozy.

Enjoying hot food and seasonal fruits and vegetables is also something we cannot think of missing out on.

We also think of enjoying the company of friends and family during our winter break too.

Although winter might seem dull and colorless to some people, the season also brightens and lightens our mood while giving us a feeling of peace and comfort.

Also, keeping in view the alarming and negative effects of the weather, we can say that like other seasons, this season is also important for us.

So think of all the positive aspects of the weather and plan out something new and exciting.

Happy winters!

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