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Certainly, we all have been associated with movies and films since the advent of television and cinema in our lives.

Many of us wait and look forward to watching a new movie. And upon release, we sit back and relax either at our home or go as a family or friends get together at a good cinema offering the best ticket price with a relaxed ambiance to watch the new release.

You can consider it as a favorite past time which allows us to disconnect, relax, and have a wonderful time.

Watching a movie allows us to experience multiple emotions in a limited time without actually engaging ourselves in real life side-effects.

To watch a popular or new and interesting movie can be a great way to reduce our anxiety while motivating us for a better life.

Reasons and benefits associated with watching a good movie:

There are multiple reasons attached to watch a new, great, and interesting movie. Some have been highlighted in brief:

  1. Relieves Stress:

When we face tension continuously, movies allow us to give a break from a busy and stressful schedule and makes us relaxed.

  1. Create a memorable day:

Couples and friends sit together at home or the cinema to watch the movie and this helps to build memories as they experience the story of the film and creates a strong bond.

  1. Improves social skills and increase awareness:

Movies cover a lot of topics which include politics, romance, comedy, education, fiction, and drama, mostly all in one film.

People of all ages come to realize and know so much about the world that otherwise is not possible.

  1. Movies bring imagination to life:

The most extreme, weird, and unbelievable things are shown in the movies. With so many techniques and instruments available, we can now see the unseen and unimagined, which enhances the imagination power of viewers.

  1. Entertainment:

Old and young, literate or illiterate want some form of entertainment and recreation and movies is one of the best ways to get it. Viewers laugh and feel the same emotions together.

  1. Encourages:

When normal people like us, see simple characters turn into heroes during the story, it inspires and encourages us to do the same in our daily lives.

  1. Promotes creativity, art, and culture:

Different religions, customs, and traditions followed in different countries are shown in movies.

Ultimately, this allows us to learn and know so much about other people, their behavior, attitude towards different people and situations, and lifestyle in different parts of the world. It also encourages us to meet them, thereby increasing our social circle too.

Keeping this in mind, why not spend some time with family and friends and watch this Christmas some new movies for positive gains from movie watching.

5 best and new movies to watch this season:

  1. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey:

This holiday tale is about a toymaker, his full of fun granddaughter, and his magical invention which has the power to change their lives forever.

Directed and written by David E Talbert, this American film is a musical, magical, fantasy Christmas family movie with the most impressive star cast.

Some prominent names are Keegan-Michael Key, Forest Whitaker, Hugh Bonneville, Phylicia Rashad, and others.

The movie is entertaining; a complete fun package for kids, refreshing and relaxing with the best music, brings imagination to life, teaches that struggle, honesty and hard work pay off. The movie also portrays a sense of commitment, love, and trust.

  1. Christmas Unwrapped:

Another Christmas release, the story is about a favorite and popular member of the town, a millionaire, Erik Gallagher, who was investigated by a sensible, ambitious, and efficient reporter, Charity.

She claims to learn the true meaning of Christmas from the town member who insists that all the gifts that arrive every year on Christmas Day are from Santa alone and none other.

Directed by Bosede Ayeni Williams, the star cast includes Amber Stevens West, Marco Grazzini, Cheryl Ladd, Anthony Sherwood, and others.

  1. The Christmas Aunt:

Directed by Tiber Takacs in English, this movie is also interesting to look up to.

Only two weeks left at Christmas, Rebecca Miller returns home to Tennessee to look after her nephew and niece and finally reconnected with her childhood best friend.

The cast includes Keshia Knight Pulliam, Jarod Joseph, and others.

  1. Feliz Navi Dad:

This is a family drama, a romantic TV movie. A single dad falls in love with a musician, Sophie, when his sister and daughter play matchmakers during the holidays.

They both met on a dating app. Sophie came for holidays in the town and both of them started dating each other which eventually made them fall in love.

Directed by Melissa Joan Hart the cast includes: Mario Lopez as David (dad), AnnaLynne as Sophie, Paulina Chavez as Noel.

  1. The Princess Switch: Switched Again:

Directed by Mike Rohal, this is a sequel to the Princess Switch.

This American film is a Christmas romantic comedy and stars Sam Palladio, Vanessa Hudgens, Suanne Braun, and more.

Margaret Delacourt, a duchess of Montenaro, all of a sudden acquires the throne of Montenaro. As her Christmas crowing day was approaching, Stacy and Margaret switched places again so that Margaret can repair her relationship with Stacy’s friend Kevin.

Both women didn’t know that a third look-alike, Lady Fiona, Margaret’s evil cousin wanted to steal the throne and disguised herself as Margaret.

How Margaret saved her throne and got her love back is a treat to watch.

Nowadays, people are so busy and stressed out that taking a little time out of this fast-paced life allows us and our kids to make memories and enjoy the moments.

Watch only quality movies which give a sense of awareness, educate us, give us fun and relax us from stress.

The movies highlighted above will surely be the best option to enjoy this Christmas. So don’t miss the chance, take time out with your friends and loved ones, and have fun.

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