In North America, Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sand was released on 18th May 2010. It was a well-known game that had been played by many people with much excitement. This game started with the storyline of its previous part that is Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. It was released in Play Station 3, Play station portable, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows.

Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sand contained four different parts of the game. Now it is releasing its new series that is expecting in 2021. The game is holding a big difference in between its series. You can expect the new series as a huge victory. The game itself is a victory for players.

About Game

According to Ubisoft press releases, the game Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sand is available on all gaming platforms. There are new features and power which are learned by the Prince throughout the game. In Prince of Persia’s new series, the prince is getting the power-ups which are enhancing the ability Prince to enter into the battle’s no-go area. There are four powers that the game is the focus that is wind, earth, fire, and ice. The power of solidifying gives access to the water fountains to turn into the climbable columns. These minor powers can also be purchased to boost the Prince’s power from Razia. At the time of the battle, Prince is able to fight with more than one player. In the field, Prince can control the crowd and enemies as well.

Features Of Prince Of Persia

The features of Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sand are more clear and more real. The location of the game is taken from Casablanca. There are huge deserts and antique places. The graphics of the game are wonderful that gives the feel of the real world. In the Ost of Prince Of Persia, the forgotten sand was given free to those who pre-ordered it.

In-Play Station series and Xbox the players buy it and players of this game give positive reviews after playing it.

You can visit and watch the teaser of Prince of Persia; The Forgotten Sand on YouTube or on its website. Hopefully, you will enjoy it and it will make you realize how the worked on its latest sequel. We are anciently waiting for its new series, it will be more enhanced and will contain high features.

The coming series of Prince of Persia will surely come with a huge success in 2021. It will add more powers for Prince and hopefully, the role of Razia will be more molded. The storyline will be connected to the previous version and the players are restless to wait for it.

Prince Of Persia is one of the finest games that is circulating around the game players. The more they wait, the more it will be worthy. Ubisoft announced that it will be launched in 2021 and they are working on it. The month is not announced by them yet.



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