In a world where success standards are measured by Instagram followers, Facebook fans and Twitter favorites are also the same places where these platforms have been used to create a wide variety of markets and advertisements of personal talents. Individuals have been using these platforms to showcase their hidden talents. Since these sites are used all around the globe, it means that a larger range of viewers can see your work, admire it, and get inspired by it. Individuals tend to showcase anything from martial arts tricks, art, song covers, and dance to any form of art whatsoever.

A new form of flattery has taken over the world completely which involves imitation, lip-syncing, and acting. These were first started on social sites such as small videos on Instagram, then came applications such as the Dubsmash and Musically which took the world by a storm. It created a huge community of people coming together, sharing their talents, from the general public to Hollywood stars and celebrities. But that is the talk of the old school, we now have TikTok.

What is the TikTok application?  

Following the footsteps of the ancestral Dubsmash, TikTok is somewhat similar but it mostly features music videos instead. TikTok was originally programmed by a Chinese company called the ByteDance and has its Chinese name as ‘Douyin’ which stands for ‘Vibrating Sound’ in its native language. It is application software that is supported by iOS, Android, and other media for the formation and viewing of short duration videos up to 60 seconds and shares them on your profiles for the public to admire. You can even download these videos and post them on other social networking sites.

These videos usually contain musical contents in the background while individuals either imitate or lip-sync the songs played in the video. TikTok has been able to showcase amazing talents from around the world which got enough recognition that major film and drama industry directors chose stars from them as well.

Did you know?

Did you know that Musically was owned by the owners of TikTok as well? Musically and TikTok powerhouses were merged to produce a better number of monthly users because TikTok had become more popular than Musically. The old application was officially shut down in August 2018. It has since then the reign of TikTok began and now has risen greatly to popularity. According to the statistics, there were over 800 million downloads of the application by October 2018 and since then, it has only become more famous.

Unique Features of TikTok

  • Collab videos: This is a super fun feature, it allows two users to make a collaboration video or duet videos but from different locations, adding variety and excitement to your feed.

  • Download videos of other users: Unlike almost all other applications, TikTok allows its users to download videos of other users as well as their own with the help of its in-built downloader.

  • Timer option: A single of such a video can take up to several turns before you are satisfied with your video, the video recorder timer option allows better functionality and feasibility by saving time.

  • Video editor: the application’s in-built superior video editor is by far the best editor that there is. It can even help you edit your videos to align your lip sync perfectly with the lyrics.

TikTok is indeed the best that there has ever been.


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