Post-Covid-19 stress is taking a toll on the physical and mental health of people worldwide. It’s worrisome to take care of yourself and your loved ones during these challenging times. That’s why government and health ministries have together announced a few guidelines to help people manage Post virus care for children and adults.

According to the CDC, “More than 54 Million Covid-19 cases have been reported to date”.

At present, the rising number of cases is indeed alarming for everyone. Hence, it’s essential to take care of your loved ones and protect them from the coronavirus effectively.

Below are a few guidelines to keep children and adults safe at your end. However, in case of an emergency, make sure to visit the doctor at your earliest.

For Children

  1. Children should wash their hands more often and use a quality hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol for destroying hand bacteria and germs.

  2. If the child is 2 years of age or older, they are eligible to wear a mask when going outside the house. If they have any breathing issues or a medical condition such as asthma, they should consult their doctor first before wearing a mask.

  3. Day Care Centers should follow proper social distancing and make the seating arrangements keeping at least a 6 feet distance to avoid close contact while coughing or sneezing.

  4. Take children for health-care visits and ensure they aren’t sick or showing any symptoms related to the coronavirus.

  5. Take their mental and emotional health seriously too as some children find it difficult to express their emotions during these tough times.

  6. Make sure that the child is taking proper nutrition and healthy meals. Taking vitamins, fruits, and other nutritious foods can boost their immune system naturally.

For Adults

  1. Adults should avoid going outside too much and refrain from attending gatherings with a large number of people for their own safety.

  2. Maintain Social distancing at stores, offices, or any other place where there are many people. Keep a distance of at least 6 feet to prevent coming close to people.

  3. Take hygiene seriously and wash hands while performing different tasks daily. Wear gloves while preparing meals or feeding babies.

  4. Use a good disinfectant to clean surfaces and corners at home or offices.

  5. If the adult has any medical condition or breathing issue, make sure to consult a doctor first before wearing a mask or using gloves.

  6. Consider adults Covid-19 care essential while going to work or visiting a family member or welcoming a guest at home.

  7. If an adult shows up with any signs or symptoms of coronavirus, take them to the hospital immediately.

Wrapping Up

Implementing these Post Covid-19 guidelines for your children and adults can help them stay safe from the virus. Still, it’s advisable to follow proper routine check-ups to protect your family at all times and for reassurance. However, don’t take too much stress and stay calm for your peace of mind.


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