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This world is growing and advancing at a startling rate. We are living, not a life, but a race. A competition, where our only focus is on how much money we make and how much more rapidly we are growing as compared to our competitors.

Today, We have this conspicuous and frankly, problematic mindsets where all we care about is profits. We are so growth driven that we forget about the importance of the journey itself.

And do you know what happens when we run a startup with this growth driven mindset? We end up in a cycle of being in a façade of growing but not actually growing.

Strong foundations lead to strong successes and strong foundations are a result of gradual growth. And this is not just about businesses, it’s a life lesson. For artists, traders, and athletes. For business owners and entrepreneurs and basically the people of every field ever.

Always do the things that you are passionate about and never ruin their natural growing and flourishing pace and growth by a money-driven mindset. Don’t look for shortcuts, and never rush the journey.

We keep seeing these books and videos about success shortcuts and how to grow your business super fast. Well, these things work for short-term success but if you want to stand out and make a long-lasting impact, there are no shortcuts.

And trust me, You do not need to make a huge breakthrough in your early stages, If you somehow manage it, good for you. But remember that not achieving anything huge in your early years is completely normal and you still have a long way to go.

We tend to achieve short-term goals rather than long-term ones only so that we could say that we’ve achieved something. So that we could get a goal ticked off from our “goals” list. But those achievements are not actually achievements if you can’t maintain them or use them as a source of good in the long term.

In his Ted Talk, “slow down to go faster”, Ralph Simone described how our need for speed adversely affects our quality of life and how it makes us less engaged, less focused, and ultimately less productive. So let’s talk about what matters more than rapid growth itself.



Be it our individual successes or our startup businesses, we always look forward to achieving goals not realizing that we need to build the foundations first. There will be times in your journey when growth would not be as important and maybe not even necessary but what will always be important is sustainability. Really, This isn’t emphasized enough. We need to understand sustainability and its importance in our personal and professional lives.

In the simplest terms, sustainability means having the ability to maintain what you started. Maintaining the quality and keeping the promises you made. Achieving a firm foundation and sustainability in a business is a long and gradual process. It’s not something to be overcome, overnight. Every business strives to achieve growth, more sales, and more profits. But they don’t realize the risks they are taking. The risk of trying too hard. This is the reasons many startups end up in failure, If you try too hard to make your name in the beginning, you end up exhausted. A growing business is not particularly a healthy one. We can grow so fast that we damage our business in the process. So, maintain a light and healthy, but passionate pace.

“How to fail: Try too hard” -Malcolm Forbes

How to Grow?


Have The Right Mindset

This is the first and foremost thing, Having the right mindset. Never attach your happiness with money. Money should never be on the top priority. Instead, focus on the impact you are making and the impression you are leaving. Ask yourself; How am I serving the world? when you are passionate about what you are doing, money comes naturally.

“Money is only a byproduct of being engaged in a worthy cause.”

— Hyrum W. Smith

Do you remember the quote that goes “be so powerful that your opponents become your allies” See that mindset right there? That’s the kind of mindset you need to have to gain success in your business. Don’t struggle to let the others down, grow together.

Take Small Steps

When you start a business or aim to achieve any goal, take small but fierce and firm steps. For a strong business you need a firm foundation and then amazing leadership, excellent business management strategies and most importantly, organizational focus. The result? Real sustained growth and splendid success. Don’t rush into or overdo anything. Take your time to build a great team and establish a more efficient network.

Have Long Term Goals

Your heavy document of three and five-year plans are not for decoration. Its place is not in a locked away cupboard in your office rather it should be in your heart. Fixate on your long term goals.

Keep Practicing and experiment with different strategies until you find the perfect one. If something goes wrong, don’t be afraid to start all over again. Dream up bigger things. Make sacrifices if you have to.

In the end, I repeat the most important lesson of it all; Do not rush the process, Trust it.

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