The PS5 a next-generation gaming console released by Sony on 11 June, Thursday has already trended in the topmost searches. The release date is yet to be confirmed but it already captivates its user’s attention with a powerful and exciting new gaming series and the look which is more innovative than Ps 4. Although some of the PlayStation 5 games are already announced by Sony which includes Fortnite, Assassin’s Creed, and Destiny 2. The user could watch trailers of Spider-Man, Horizon Forbidden West, and a new remake of Demon’s soul.

The design reveals by Sony of their new gaming console PS 5 has stunned its users with a surprising revelation of all the digital PS5 which is without the disc drive. It is an innovative way to show the future of the gaming console which would be without the physical media. The price and the release date are yet to know but we could expect this innovation at the end of the year 2020.

In the previous gaming console, PS4 has a major drawback which has an insufficient processing system that fails to deliver the resolution of 4K gaming. This would become an essential part of the landscape of the game soon as the 4K technology is now the ultimate mainstream of gaming consoles. It clearly shows that the major aspect which Sony has focus is to the ability of machine which could deliver 4K gaming with much ease.

The new PlayStation 5 has innovated sleek design with an entirely amazing disc-based system which eases the gamers to easily download their favorite games with a 4K technology. Sony has innovated this new gaming console with ultra-powerful and great storage space and has made the system much easier for the gamers. The gamer could embrace the downloading and streaming which extend the services of the play station. Another great achievement is the VR has a unique feature which seems to be the main target of the Sony in designing the game console.

Many VR systems are already launched in the market, it will be revealed with the time, whether the PS5 next-generation compatible with these hardware consoles and work best like the initial PS VR systems which already capture the marketplace. This time Sony has invested much in VR than in Microsoft. We can say that this innovative idea is VR technology which is specially built and designed for the PlayStation 5. The company emphasizes on the VR with the game console during the release.




The PlayStation 5 comes in two main styles Symmetrical PlayStation 5 which is Digital Edition and the other is Asymmetrical PlayStation 5. The Digital edition will help to play only the digital games while the Symmetrical PlayStation 5 has a disc drive. We can see clearly that the PlayStation 5 Digital edition will cost us much less but the price is still unknown in real. It has a black and white console that contains a vertical configuration. White sloping fins covered the black rounded box.  Some of its fans are not happy with the design but the final choice depends on the new innovative specs which Sony has introduced in PS5.

In other specifications of PS5, it is compatible with CPU 8X with 2 Cores at 3.5GHZ, Storage is customized with 825GB SSD, RAM 16 GB while the PS5 has expandable storage with the SSD slots NVME. The main innovation is its optical drive which has 4K Blu-ray drive and GPU 10.28, 2 architecture RDNA, 2.23 GHz at 36 CUs which route more efficiently all the processes.

According to the EPIC games developers, the PS5 has the secret weapon SSD. Also, this game console could load almost 5.5GB which is much than the previous versions of the SONY PS series.

PS5 is almost 62% more than PS4 in size due to the transistors which are introduced in PS5. Although the PS5 is large it consumes less power than the PS4 which makes it cooler in case of excessive overheating and fan noise.

Technically, PS5 emphasizes the 3D audio with a more advanced headset which has a 3D audio feature already. The 3D audio advanced audio technology set HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function). The feature improvises the individual sound based hearing with good volume, frequency, and direction. We have already checked the audio capabilities of the innovative 3D audio system. The officials claim to watch the 3d Audio sound from headphones not with laptops or phone speakers.  The only issue the gamer could observe is the 3D audio couldn’t be customized for every user. It is debatable whether the general audience could easily hear the same frequency or sound of the game.

Other hardware devices that Sony launched with the PS5 are HD camera, haptic controller, headset 3D wireless, dual charging station, and media remote control.

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