There was a fine morning

The birds were chirping

The clouds were scattered

The breeze was cold as well

Everyone was looking happy

The children were swinging happily in the park

The atmosphere was very restful

Then suddenly a black cloud appeared in the sky

And darkness fell everywhere

Everyone hide in their houses

And then there was silence in the park

There was neither a laughter

nor a chirping of birds outside

Everyone becomes scared

And then there was a strange silence throughout the atmosphere!!

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Mahapara Khan
My name is Mahapara Khan. I live in Karachi Pakistan. By profession, I am a cardiac Perfusionist and doing my post-graduation in health system management as well. Besides my professional life, I am involved in other social activities too. I am a writer, blogger, public speaker, and social worker. I am running my account on Instagram, Facebook, and WordPress as a blogger and writer. For me writing in therapy. Whenever I'm tired or very upset, I start writing, and believe me it gives me peace of mind. Because of this habit, one day I decided to make a page and started writing blogs, then I presented my thoughts to my followers in the color of words and my follower's appreciation made me more confident and happy.



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