Apple’s most expensive yet high standard iPhones are always talked of in the town. Every year, with the launch of exciting and more advanced features of iPhones, Apple Co is earning trillions and ruling over the market. Last year Apple has launched its iPhone 11 pro in $1100 and in April 2020, it again creates a storm by launching iPhone SE 2020 in $400 which is not much expensive as compare to the iPhone 11. Despite the disparity in prices of both iPhones which offered almost the same features which we expect, iPhone SE is winning the battle with a decent outlook and more vibrant color choices as compared to the iPhone 11.


The new iPhone SE 2020 has decent yet unique designs that attract its users. You can have all the colors with red, white, grey, black in iPhone SE while iPhone 11 pro has only decent colors like pearl, black, white, gold and green. The phone has 4.7 HD display with some thick bezels surrounding it as well while the iPhone 11 has 6.5 Super XDR display which is one of the best display screens in the market.  The iPhone SE has aluminum and glass design while iPhone 11 has textured matte glass and stainless steel design, which is not so fancy design for iPhone users. From the back, both phones are very much similar but if you check the front, it tells you two different stories.

In the Home button, we have Touch ID, while in the iPhone pro we have Face ID. The only difference is one used finger and the other used face, both have solid biometric systems.

On the bottom of both the iPhones, we could see the lightning ports and no headphones jacks.

Battery Time:

Both the iPhones have fast charging which is capable to give you long usage hours. Both have different battery times. iPhone 11 battery lasts in 2 days or more while iPhone SE with the smaller battery will last within a day or more. But in iPhone SE the battery degraded within a year.


Both the iPhone has an HD camera. Besides the iPhone 11 has 3 cameras at the back with the Triple 12 megapixel ultra-wide and Telephoto cameras which give you HD quality pictures and videos are included with the Night mode feature. iPhone SE lack behind with the 7MP camera with 1080p HD video recording at 30 fps, which was most common in previous versions of Apple iPhones. It is crazy to have 3 cameras on the phone as it is not a necessity but it could be used for useful situations as still 3 cam features in the iPhone are the most attractive feature for the users.

Display Screen:

iPhone 11 has the biggest screen with 6.1 inches and it covers all the interesting specs of a camera with the wide-angle lens and a good selfie camera for the people who love to take pictures and expecting HD quality inexpensive iPhones. On the other hand, iPhone SE seems like the other older version of the iPhones with a 4.7 screen size. The low quality LCD panel display in iPhone SE has added the negative aspect in iPhone SE while the HD display in iPhone 11 with the more options on the main screen has made it a luxurious iPhone. Both have amazing iOS experience and tremendously powerful specs and can perform any task so efficiently which you always prefer to do.

iPhone 11 vs iPhone SE which is better?

Now the question arises which iPhone to buy. Both the phones have the best specs and features are not very different and unappealing for the iPhone users, but they have slightly different in some specs and the display. Both have water-resistant. iPhone 11 is rated at 4 meters for 30 minutes while SE has the 1 meter for 30 minutes. Both phones could survive after fall or flushed.

iPhone SE only comes with the 5-watt power adapter. On the other hand, iPhone 11 comes with the massive Chad 18 watt adapter which can be used to charge fast your iPhone SE but you need to buy it separately. A separate wireless cable is given with both the iPhones which is a great advantage in purchasing the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE. iPhone SE works as a one-room bachelor suite while iPhone 11 is like a Penthouse. iPhone 11 Pro is a premium device with triple camera experience which makes you feel superior with the HD display which gives the best video experience. On the other hand, SE has a small battery time but it is a smartphone to handle with equally best features as Apple always offered in its phones.

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