We saw massive significance on the concept of Omni channel marketing in 2019. Direct marketing is growing day by day, it is getting bigger, targeted and more sophisticated with each passing month. Direct marketing is a very powerful and effective way to share information about a service or product. Direct marketing is all about targeting the customer, providing information, offering a response mechanism and having a way of track.

The basis are same whether the marketer is using traditional marketing channels. The best we all can learn from 2019 is to combine different channels into a single campaign. So, here are some new direct marketing trends in 2020:

Data focused storytelling:

Marketers have always focused on telling a great story as good content is a king. They have to make sure that every piece of content has a purpose, it should have value to the target audience.Marketers have better segmentation options than ever before. They can now market to universe of one in multiple marketing channels, including both digital and print. This makes targeting their storytelling efforts easier and more responsive.

Blended channel experience:

What we called Omni channel experience in 2019 gets another name in 2020 which is blended channel experience. The key is to combine multiple marketing channels to increase importance for customers. This year blended channel experience will be more segmented. Marketers will offer different experiences that will be targeted to different people.

Goal is to create people focused customer experiences. That means the chat bot and the human speak is the same tone. And the chat bot knows when the time to send the customer to the human is.

Social Marketing:

Social marketing is a challenge in 2020 due to the few circumstances this year, major social channels already have more ads than before, so some consumers may find other ways to be social. Ad costs for social marketing is also going up, advertisers will keep getting smarter about how to use social media and how to spend. On the other hand marketers will continue to use social marketing for their branding. Influencers will play important role in our lives. Using influencers as a face of a company will move from being digital to traditional media.

Privacy and date regulation:

Privacy and data regulation will be a major component of the marketing trends for 2020. Industries are evolving to support privacy initiatives. The goal is to provide consumers with greater transparency and choice when it comes to their data. Marketers want to do the right thing for their customers in accordance with the laws.

Personalization or customization:

Trend of personalizing direct mail has grown over the last decade and is expected to improve in 2020 as advancing technology allows marketers to learn more about their target audience behaviours and preferences. Direct mail is a memorable, emotional connection with its recipients and marketers can make their brand even stronger by enhancing customer experience with data driven personalization. Consumers appreciate personalization also they expect it and they admit that personalization has some impact on what they purchase. Replacing current resident with prospectus name, incorporating variable custom images rather than stock photos or introducing personalized offers are just a few ways marketers can use to personalize direct mail campaigns.

Direct marketing

Omni channel campaigns:

Marketers need to integrate direct mails and digital campaigns as these are one of the best ways to optimize marketing investment. They need to surround customers with consistent messaging where they can naturally find themselves at home, on social media or browsing the web. 70% of consumers utilize three or more marketing channels throughout their buyer journey, marketers should look on this strategy for 2020. Although Omni channels campaigns are complex and truly thrive when comprehensive consumer data and optimal customer experience are aligned.

Design trends:

Marketers have only few seconds to get attention of customers so before anyone actually see or read their creative piece it should be compelling enough to get noticed. This year customer testimonials and direct quotes will be on most powerful tools a marketer can use to establish trust and empathy with their customers. Marketers must use simplified yet insightful graphics and genuine imagery and photos as it will help them to invite recipients to engage with their piece.

Marketers should never forget bold typography to give their brand the strong ad progressive feel on which consumers react to. Interactive content helps to generate more conversions. So marketer need to entice their recipients to spend time manipulating their piece with unique folds, tear backs or 3D elements.

Partner with an expert:

This year 2020 will undoubtedly bring many new trends to direct response marketing. Advertisers, marketers everyone needs to make sure that they are ahead of the curve by testing new strategies and tools with a partner they can trust. And they should always learn how they can reach their growth goals in 2020.





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